Kip Knight, President US Retail Operations, H&R Block

Lisa Bertin-Queena, Owner of Video Queen Productions LLC


"Carolyn is an inspirational leader, trainer, mentor and coach.  I had the privilege of working with Carolyn at two Fortune 50 companies where she demonstrated excellent presentation and training skills at all levels.  She connects with people in the room by sharing her personal experiences and weaves humor and learning together through a dynamic conversation.  She holds herself to a high standard of personal responsibility and her competitive spirit is contagious."

Judy Mavrakes, Director Learning & Development Vonage

Deb Capolarello, Former SVP People Practices and Chief Talent Officer MetLife, 

                             VP Global Chief Learning Officer Citibank Consumer Bank

"Carolyn is an accomplished executive, both in what she brings to business in determination and enthusiasm, as well as her ability to collaborate with a wide range of diverse business leaders and personalities.  She has deep experience in developing and implementing innovative corporate training programs.  She combines the best of pragmatic thinking and "can do" attitude that makes her a real asset to any team she works with."

CEOCLUBS FLORIDA was honored to serve up a dose of Carolyn Rivera recently and it ws exactly what most said they needed.  Once you start to understand all that she over came and the actual dynamics of the show she starred in on the Survivor Season 30 Worlds Apart show.... WOW  Anyone can survive in life or in business, but it is another thing to overcome survival and Carolyn overcame every type of thing in the jungle that every CEO who has gone from "no mentum" to "Mo Mentum" has had to.  The life lessons made real related her 39 days on a desert island (survival of the fittest) were so well meshed into the process of birthing and then hyper growing a company.  She had everyone engaged, at times enthralled, encouraged and motivated.  The lessons were the Bonus, her message would be on point in any Boardroom or Industry Trade show I can think of.  We truly hope to have her back again.  The choice is hers, not ours.  We've already said... YES

Don Ward, President CEOCLUBS Florida State Chapter

One Word:  FANTASTIC!  Today's leadership session with the executive team was fantastic!  I received lots of compliments from the team relating to the content and delivery.  Our CEO Mike Wheeler said "This was the best session".  Carolyn's enthusiasm and manner of delivery was certainly well received!

I've worked with Carolyn for over (10) years. As my career grew, her leadership was critical through the  milestones of my growth. She has led large organizations as well as small; ranging from 5 to 125+, most importantly with results. She has more energy than anyone I've ever worked with and would recommend her for any leadership workshop, forum, coaching, interventions or development programs.

"Carolyn is an awesome person...  inside and out!  I have been her friend since we were about 12 years old.  She hasn't changed a bit!  She is down to earth, funny, positive, strong, hard working, friendly, fair and so much more.  Anyone would love her and glean from so many of her life experiences!"

"Carolyn has met and significantly exceeded our expectations.  Her down-to-earth no-nonsense style has captured the enthusiasm of our entire team - from the most junior newcomer to our highly seasoned professionals.  She holds their interest, piques their imaginations and makes them think about possibilities they had not previously considered.  She has provided invaluable one-on-one coaching to our principal team and has mad significant strides in making us all more productive, more efficient and more aware of being the best we can be.  I am more than pleased to offer Carolyn my highest recommendation and would be happy to make myself available for any other questions or additional information."

"Whether it is 20 tax professionals in a small setting or 3000 franchisees at a National Convention, Carolyn is able to tailor her message in a way that is compelling, engaging and fun.  She weaves her life experience stories into her key message points for a very inspirational and memorable presentation."

Gayle Fili, Senior Vice President Retail Banking - Beverly Bank

Recently, I have spoke about you numerous times. Sometimes people I meet on facebook and people I meet in the cities ask me who inspires me and motivates me. YOU are the first person to come to mind as always. 

Linda Melchione, Director of Operations and HR, Fusion Design Consulting

Carl Womack

Sherrie Meyer-Wagner

​​"I saw Carolyn speak at a networking event I was attending and was blown away by her "Ignite Your Will to Win" presentation. It was so interesting and entertaining and down right "cool" to hear her story about how she was on the CBS reality show Survivor and what that experience has taught her. Every person in the room was completely riveted! This woman's tenacity is very inspiring and left me feeling very motivated and invigorated in my quest to grow my business. She is most definitely one of the best speakers I've seen in a long time. Thank you Carolyn for sharing your incredible story and inspiring me to go after my dreams."

Robert Moretti, Vice President H&R Block