Leadership is a word used with varied meaning globally.  The word seems to take on different meaning by each person.  Some use leadership and management interchangeable, and others use it in referencing senior management or politicians.  In fact, Leadership is vision, inspiration, the ability to communicate in a way that elicits followers and loyalty.  Leadership is courageous and breaks through new paths and sees things before anyone else.  Leadership is critical to the future.

Carolyn's passion is to develop future leaders by helping individuals see who they can be and how they can get there.  Schools, Organizations, Not-For-Profits all need great leaders.  Leadership takes courage, sweat and skills.  Some people think that you have to be born a leader.  Carolyn has helped athletes, business managers, teachers, call center agents all develop the passion to lead, and with her insights and the skills that she supports, they have been able to transform.  After attending her session you will be on the path of transformational leadership.

Message:  7 Influential Steps, Leading Your Team To Victory! 

  • Define Leadership and the skills needed to be an effective leader
  • Understand the differences and relationship between leadership and management
  • Examine your own preferred leadership style, and analyze how and when to flex that style
  • Understand and evaluate how leadership skills are utilized everyday
  • Create you own Personal Action Plan

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Inspirational & Motivational Speaker

In all areas of life, everyone can benefit from Carolyn's straight talk that is practical and insightful.  She has a high level of mental toughness, sense of purpose & vision and understands the true meaning of leadership and personal excellence.  Carolyn is a role model and holds herself to the highest standards.  She looks to continuously create the next higher version of herself.  Carolyn is considered by many to be one of the best Speakers.

Message:  "Believe, Commit, Achieve; Build Your Pathway To Success"


Carolyn has been pushing boundaries her whole life.  Chasing dreams

and never stopping until those dreams became a reality.  Her resilience,

and "never give up" attitude set her apart from the status quo.  Throughout

her life, Carolyn has challenged the norms and chartered new paths.  She will

leave you inspired to rethink your path.  Throughout her talk she will share real-life

examples from her 30+ years of Transformational Leadership including surviving

in the jungle of Nicaragua where she competed on the hit reality TV show

"Survivor" and finished runner up.

Message:  "Don't Just Survive, Thrive in Perpetual Change"


The only thing constant in life is Change.   The only distinction between change moments is intensity.  We can manage the controllable factors if we know "what" they are and "how" to manage them.  Carolyn's life, like yours has had its ups and downs.  She strips back the curtain in this talk and reveals how personally and professionally there were moments when she doubted her ability to manage through tsunami's she did not anticipate.  By building a toolkit to plan for change, and the skills to work through change, she has been able to amp up her game and achieve levels of success that were unimaginable.  She will provide examples from the boardroom to the island of Nicaragua.  You will leave inspired to embrace change and grow.

Message:  "One Vision, One Voice, One Team; Examples To Catapult Results"


Carolyn has participated in hundreds of teams throughout her life.  As an athlete, community and business leader she has contributed to team success and learning from team fails.  As she gained knowledge, skill and understanding of the value of diverse teams and the importance of team leadership, the successes became far more frequent and the results increasingly stronger.  Carolyn will share with you her CTCR approach to building effective teams each time change happens.   Her stories and proven techniques will inspire and support you in building teams and team members who enjoy the sweet taste of Success!

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Leadership Development